La volta che

Who am I?

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La volta che Marta Frigerio

My name is Marta, I am a passionate storyteller with a compulsive buying disorder for flight tickets.

I am very used to stun people with my verbal hemorrhage; people are not always so very used to be stunned by my verbal hemorrhage. I am a linguistic and cultural mediator and I teach Italian as a foreign language.

I write, and I read, and I can basically start a conversation with anyone and anything. I am very proud of the very artistic pictures I take with my cell phone.

I consistently try to kill myself by loving unconditionally whatever butter-based food I can get my hands on.

What does La volta che mean?

I thought you may want to know. It means that one time, and it’s how I start most of my posts here. That one time I decided I should start a blog and story-tell everyone to death…

What will you find on La volta che?

Oh, a lot of stuff really: there are travel tales, but also articles with very useful information, and recipes. Bad news is, most of it is in Italian. For now.

Why should you read what I write?

Because I am astonishingly interesting. Or because you’re my aunt and nieces must be supported.

Where should I start reading?

Starting from the beginning is usually a good idea. You could also enjoy reading the posts I occasionally write in English. I promise to turn that occasionally into an often pretty soon.

You like what I write?

That’s lovely! It would be even more lovely if you could help me make La volta che grow bigger by sharing the posts you really liked and liking La volta che’s Facebook page and following its Instagram profile.

How can you contact me?

You can send me an e-mail at

Thanks for being here!


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